Beer Club – Free Case of 12 Bottles throughout Feb


Beer Club Member Benifits

  • 10% Off Online purchases & Purchases from the Brewery Direct
  • 50p of your Pint in the Taproom (Your pint only)
  • Access to Small Batch Brews in the Taproom brewed Exclusively for the Taproom
  • An Invite to the Beer Club Members Annual Party (All Beer Included)
  • 2L Exclusive Stainless Steel Growler, which can be filled for £8 in the Taproom
  • A free pint on or around your birthday
  • Beer Club Membership Card
  • Bottle of Beer Club Members exclusive beer
  • A Case of Beer OR 5L MiniKeg at Christmas
  • And Much more throughout the year!


Terms & Conditions

1. Claiming your Free Pint on your Birthday is valid within 7 Days before or after your actually birthday
2. 10% Discount on Merchandise is excludes the following items; Non Wantsum Merchandise
3. 50p off a pint is valid on only one Drink in a Round of Drinks purchased in the Taproom Per Round on presentation of your membership card. Exceptions will be made if you have other Beer Club members within your round providing they have their membership cards ready to show
4. Beer Club Members Exclusive Bottle of Beer will be available for collection from the Brewery only any time after the Beer is Bottled and Ready for Collection
5. 5L MiniKeg at Christmas will be the option of ‘Figgy Pudding’ OR ‘Five Gold Grains’ (Unless there is a Dietary reason that prevents you from consuming an ingredient within these beers, in which case we will offer you an alternative)
6. Beer Club Members Exclusive Party is intended primarily for beer club members only, may bring up to 2 Guests with them however there will be a £10 entrance fee per Guest and those Guests will have to pay for Drinks during the event
7. Beer Club Members Exclusive Party will be held sometime in Autumn, the date will be confirmed in Summer, the event will be free to attend and all Beer will be free for all members, if you wish to drink or eat something from the bar other than Wantsum Beer, you may purchase this at the regular price, more details to follow regarding this event
8. Exclusive Beer Club Growler can only be filled by Beer Club Members at the Taproom when presented along with your membership card, you may get these filled at the brewery between the hours of 9am-4pm Mon-Fri, 4pm-9pm Fri, 2pm-8pm Sat, Hours may vary for time to time throughout the Year so please confirm with the brewery in advance if you are unsure, you will not be able to fill your growler over Christmas OR on Bank Holidays when the brewery is closed, if you lose or break your members growler you will be able to purchase a replacement at cost price
9. You will be provided with a Temporary Membership Card at the time of Sign Up, until we get your official Credit Card sized Card made, if you lose your official membership card, there will be a replacement card fee to cover the cost of printing a replacement
10. If you wish to increase your membership level, you will need to make sure you renew your membership before or on the expiration of your membership stated on your membership card, (In extreme circumstances for example: if you are out of the country and unable to renew your membership before the expiration date, as long as you contact the brewery in advance we may be able to make an exception), by renewing and increasing your membership level, you will continue to receive the same benefits as stated above, plus more (For example Beer Club Members Exclusive T Shirt, Glassware, etc, More details to come on this