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Here at Wantsum Brewery we brew a variety of different styles of Beer, which range from Pale Ales, IPAs, Golden Ales to Mild, Porters and Stouts, as well as some one off brews of special brews throughout the year.

Our Core Range

1381 – 3.8% ABV

The year of the Peasants Revolt. A golden IPA combining pale and crystal malts with Williamette and Centenial hops to give delicate citrus and herbal aromas.

Black Prince – 3.9% ABV

The eldest son of Edward III who was married to Joan of Kent and buried in Canterbury Cathedral. A rich, full bodied Kent mild, smooth on the pallet with subtle hop notes.

Gold Medal at the South East Regional Championship – September 2015.

SIBA National Silver award 2016.

Imperium – 4.0% ABV

The name used to describe King Ethelbert’s true rule over the other sub kingdoms of Kent. A deep amber Best Bitter with smooth biscuit malts and a hoppy nose. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Kent Bullion hops.

Montgomery – 4.0% ABV

Amber best bitter exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops. Named after the SS Richard Montgomery which sank off Sheerness during WW2 whilst full of explosives and the Coastguard monitor the wreck even now. National champion 2017 for Best Bitter and SIBA SE region gold winner 2016 for Best Bitters.

Fortitude – 4.6% ABV

The name of the plan to deceive Hitler that the allies were going to invade Pas de Calais instead of Normandy. Wantsum’s Flagship bitter first brewed in 2009. This Best Bitter combines four types of malts to give depth of body, with English and American hops for a pronounced hop finish.

Mores Head – 3.7%

Light Hoppy Session Bitter – Named after Sir Thomas More whose decapitated head is believed to have been stolen by his sister and hidden in the Roper family vault in St Dunstan’s Church”. A chestnut coloured Bitter providing malt and roasted grains balanced by fruit and floral hop bitterness with a hint of citrus

Black Pig – 4.8% ABV

Nickname for the Spanish Armada, whose wreckage was washed up on the coast near Deal after they were sunk by the English fleet and weather. Adapted from an imperial Russian porter recipe, this beer is incredibly smooth with burnt chocolate and smoky malt notes mixed with delicate hop bitterness and floral notes.

Dynamo – 4.3% ABV

Named to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation, launched from these very Kentish shores. A crisp, light golden ale, fruity and floral with an orange citrus twist.

Ravening Wolf – 5.9% ABV

The nickname given to Odo, Earl of Kent and half brother of William the Conqueror who was tried for defrauding the crown. A strong New Zealand Pale Ale. Toasted biscuit and rye malt flavours support a pine lemon hop crispness with a hint of vanilla.