Tap Room

Brewery Tours Available Saturdays 1pm – 2pm Advance Booking Required (see below for more details)

The Taproom will be open Tuesday 3rd November Midday – 8pm & Wednesday 4th November Midday – 8pm, it will then be closed from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December due to the latest Government Lockdown requirements

On Arrival at the Taproom

  • You will be required to wear a Mask on arrival and only remove the mask once seated at a table.
  • If attending on your own or in a group you will be required to sign in at the bar, you will need to provide a Name, Telephone, Address & Party Size, this is to help with Track & Trace if required, this information will be destroyed for data protection after 21 days and not use for any other purpose, there will be a sign in sheet & pen on a table in the queue for the bar, there will be hand sanitiser for you to use first before signing in.
  • Once signed in please find a table and someone will be over to take your order.
  • Parking will be more limited than usual as we have used our usual little car park to provide additional outdoor seating should the weather permit as it is safer for everyone, Chairs & Fold up Tables will be available for you to grab from the main reception entrance, we kindly ask that once you are finished with the Chairs & Tables you place them back where you got them, Thank You in Advance for you’re cooperation here.

Whilst at the Taproom

  • Please use the Tables & Chairs provided maximum of 6 persons per table, vertical drinking is not permitted and please do not stand around the bar, drink orders will be taken at the table and your drinks brought to you.
  • We are accepting Card & Cash Payments and will be carried out at your table.
  • Please sit and drink with the party you arrived with throughout your visit.
  • Please do not block entrances in & out of buildings and walkways that have been marked out on the floors.
  • Please do not rearrange the Tables and Chairs inside or outside the premises (With the Exception of the Folding Tables & Chairs outside the building).
  • Please use the Hand Sanitisers located on the walls when moving around the premises.
  • There is space for 2 People to queue at any onetime for the Toilet in the Taproom, please wait outside until there is space to join the queue if there is no space to queue.
  • There are areas marked out on the floor of the Taproom where standing and waiting is prohibited, please observe these as these have been marked out for everyone’s safety.
  • Building Capacity, the Main Taproom has room for a maximum of 20 people seating at one time & inside the Brewery we have set up temporary additional seating if there is no available seating in the Main Taproom, we encourage outside drinking whenever possible (Weather Permitting).
  • We will be serving all drinks in Plastic Cups, you are welcome to drink out of Cans & Bottles if you would prefer, if you really wish to drink out of a glass you will have to provide your own and take it away with you or purchase a £2 Pint Glass which you can keep and take away with you, we now have Gin & Tonic in a Can as well as Wine & Ciders Bottles, you are welcome to bring a Wine Glass or Gin Glass, we do not have any ice available but all the Drinks are kept well refrigerated.
  • Last orders will be called at 7:40pm on Friday & Saturday, unless it is raining outside we will kindly ask everyone to move to the tables and chairs outside the building, this will give us chance to Sterilise and Clean up inside of the premises, you will be allowed to finish your drinks in your own time even after the staff have left, just kindly dispose of any rubbish before you leave in the many bins provided outside, Thank You.

When Leaving the Taproom

  • Please leave your Table Clear of rubbish by placing it in the Bins Provided, this will enable Taproom Staff to wipe down and sterilise them quicker ready for the next customers.
  • If you have borrowed a Chair & Fold Up table from the Reception area during your visit, please could you kindly return is to the Reception area.

General Guidelines and Information

We understand the above may seem like a lot of information and a lot to remember, it has been provided for everyone’s safety and well-being, we want everyone’s visit to the Taproom to be an enjoyable experience, please do not feel pressured by the above, it is inevitable that some of us will forgot the Guidelines & Procedure, we will kindly point things out to you if we spot one of the guidelines not being followed but please accept this and a friendly reminder, however constant and deliberate breaking of the Guidelines will not be accepted and you will eventually be asked to leave the premises, refusal may result in the authorities being informed as a last resort. This is a learning curve for Us as much as it is for yourselves, there are bound to be unforeseen variables we have not account for in our planning, so please be patient with us so we can work on getting it right

  • Make sure you use Hand Sanitiser Regularly during your visit
  • Please be patient when queuing for your drinks, with the addition of Signing In this will cause delays
  • We will have 4 Draft Beers Available, 2 Kegged Beers, Draft Lager, Bottled Ciders, Wine, Gin & Tonic, Soft Drinks & Light Snacks
  • You are welcome to bring your own Food but please dispose of any rubbish when your finished eating
  • We may need to Close on Short Notice either before or during Taproom Hours if required due to Staff Illness, we will do our best to keep you informed of this via Social Media, so if you are planning on visiting check out on Instagram OR Facebook for the latest updates and send us a message within any questions, we monitor our messages regularly

We look forward to seeing all of regular customers again and any new visitors, see you all Saturday! Cheers 🍻

Welcome to the Tap Room

Come and enjoy some Fresh, Traditional & Different Ales at our Brewery Tap, will always have Five of our different Beers on Tap at all times all year round from our extensive range of beers we produce.

We have plenty of seating available in our heated indoor space, as well as plenty of outdoor space for those sunny days, we also offer a range of Ciders, Wines, Snacks and Soft Drinks for the non Ale Drinkers

Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours available on Saturdays Between 1pm – 2pm advance bookings required, £15 per person (Minimum 3-4 People per Booking) please contact us at least 1 week in advance via email info@wantsumbrewery.co.uk OR Telephone 01227 910135

Takeaway Containers

We have Refillable 4 Pint CarryKegs available in the Taproom, which can be refilled at a discounted price after initial purchase, we also offer 2 Pint Takeouts as well.

Bottled Beer

We have a wide range of our beers available in Bottles, 1381, Dynamo, Ravening Wolf, Black Prince, Black Pig, Imperium, Montgomery, Hurricane, Imperium, Fortitude, Hengist, UB122, Golgotha & Seasonal Specials if it’s not on the Shelf in the Bar, please ask we Generally have stock out back